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Stopping breastfeeding

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Madeaminnieme Tue 20-Oct-15 13:32:07

My son is 8 months old and I still feed him morning and night myself but lately feel like he isn't getting enough from me. I've had a think and come to the conclusion that I will move him onto formula at least for his last feed at night (fortunately he doesn't use me to fall asleep).
Question is, how do I deal with this heartache I seem to be feeling?
I didn't have this when moving my daughter into to formula at 6 months but that maybe cause she was bf then formula top up.

gamerchick Tue 20-Oct-15 13:35:25

What makes you think he's not getting enough? If he doesn't nurse to sleep I would say for certain that he was getting enough.

You don't need a reason to stop if you want to stop, just replace a feed.

CityDweller Tue 20-Oct-15 13:35:48

Could you keep the am feed? That was the last one DD dropped (at 2!). So formula at bedtime, if that's what you want, and bf in morning.

But what makes you think he isn't getting what he needs?

Madeaminnieme Tue 20-Oct-15 13:47:06

I'm not feeling as full and he's started waking up through the night looking for food as well.

gamerchick Tue 20-Oct-15 14:00:43

Well that's normal. You do get to a point with BF where you don't fill up with milk, it's more instant and growth spurts usually mean wanting more milk in a feed which means more nursing to tell your boobs that.

It's still ok to stop but try not to think formula means he'll sleep through again, babies tend to do their own thing.

Madeaminnieme Tue 20-Oct-15 14:14:51

Yeah I know but never got to this stage last time and feeling a bit grief ridden almost lol. Think it's cause we have no plans for more haha

gamerchick Tue 20-Oct-15 14:20:28

I understand, it took getting to 3 1/2 before I stopped with my youngest grin

Does he have formula during the day if you only nurse twice? It should be easy enough to cut a feed out.

Madeaminnieme Tue 20-Oct-15 15:44:45

No my HV said he was getting enough from a morning and not get feed with milk in his weetabix in the morning and the rest of his diet. Went to the shop, looked at the formula and walked away haha. Will give it another week and see how it goes. smile

gamerchick Tue 20-Oct-15 16:05:46

But milk is the primary food for babies under one. Actual food is just to get them used to tastes and textures confused at 8 months he should be on more milk than just a morning and evening.

He must be a good eater then which is half the battle grin

Madeaminnieme Tue 20-Oct-15 16:40:35

I didn't see my typo... He's getting enough from morning and night feed plus milk in cereal and food. Lol well that's what I've been told anyway. And yeah, he loves his food!

mintbiscuit Tue 20-Oct-15 16:48:13

Do you want to stop bf? (Sorry isn't clear from your posts). At 8 months my dcs were on more than 2 feeds a day. Most 8 months would be on more feeds I would have thought. Dcs fed once in night too. If you want to continue bf I would suggest increasing number of feeds instead of adding formula. (If not though ignore me!smile )

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