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Tongue tie - cut or not?

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Novia Tue 20-Oct-15 07:48:05

Hello - wondered if anyone had any experience of getting a tongue tie cut? Do you know what the process is? My 3 week old has a tie and although it's not stopping her feeding, I can tell that her latch is quite shallow and she's making a clicking noise where she's losing the suction. It's also making her windy and I'm worried it could cause problems in the future. I've already been signed off by the midwives and I don't think anyone ever checked her as she's feeding well and gaining weight. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

GreenSand Tue 20-Oct-15 08:04:56

Before about 3 months (different areas have different cut offs), it is as simple as swaddling baby, and cutting the tie.
For older kids, it involves an anethetic, so think there is a period where they don't like doing them (ie from 3 months til big enough for the GA). There are also (private??) places that will divide with a lazer rather than cutting.

DS1 had a bad tie, and the difference was amazing. DS 2 has a slight tie, but we asked for the referal due to the experience with his older brother.
Both gained weight much more rapidly post decision.

Personally, I'd get it done. But some regrow, and sometimes it makes little difference. And as with any procedure, it carries a (tiny) element of risk. But I'd still do it again.

HPsauciness Tue 20-Oct-15 08:09:04

Good advice above, get it done early so it's a minor thing, just done with surgical scissors, don't wait til they have to have GA, it's much more stressful that way (had one of each).

hufflebottom Tue 20-Oct-15 08:35:24

I didn't with dd. And we struggled to get her to latch and we bottle fed as her and I were getting stressed. But it didn't get picked up until she was a month old. By that point we had a routine and I didn't want to change it, that and neither myself or my brother did.

A lot of people told me I should of had it cut, I'm still undecided. But 5 years later it hasn't made one iota of difference.

Hang out and see what other people say. But ultimately it's your choice.

hufflebottom Tue 20-Oct-15 08:36:25

Should say that neither me or my brother had our tie cut. Mine was slightly worse than my brothers.

ZaZathecat Tue 20-Oct-15 08:42:46

I have tongue tie that wasn't cut. The only problem it has ever caused me is that I can't poke my tongue out at people! I guess it depends how severe the tongue-tie is though.

daluze Tue 20-Oct-15 09:29:59

It is very simple procedure while they are little. Mine had it cut on day 2, and honestly, he cried much less than for nappy change at that age. If you feel that it is affecting latch, it might help to have it cut.

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