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14 month old stopped eating

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CrumpetHead Mon 19-Oct-15 19:11:33

We've never had a problem feeding my 14 month old, he usually eats anything and everything and looks forward to meal times but for the last week he's just suddenly stopped wanting to eat anything, at first he didn't want any of his meals/finger foods and would slap the spoon out of my hand of spit his food out but he would eat yoghurts, now he won't even eat those, he'll have a few mouthfuls of food all day and that's it! He's drinking plenty. Anyone else been through this? Could it just be a phase? It's really stressing me out cos sometimes I think "fine if you don't want to eat then don't, you soon will when you're hungry" but deep down I'm worrying myself sick thinking he's not eating enough and gonna make himself ill. I've tried feeding him myself, tried giving him finger good, tried letting him feed himself with spoon/hands, nothing's working sad

PicnicPie Mon 19-Oct-15 19:30:27

The exact same happened with my 15mo DD over the last 2 weeks. I was so stressed, wasted so much food, fed her extra milk and was worried she would never eat properly again. But since Saturday she's been back to normal, if a bit fussy. It could have been her teeth /gums although I couldn't see anything obvious and she has just got over a cold so could have been that.

But I'm pleased to report she is back to normal.

I'd say don't get stressed. Hopefully your DS maybe going through what my DD did and will revert to normal eating soon. I'd say just offer food as normal. I did a few bits and bobs on her tray at each meal as she was completely refusing to be spoon fed. If she ate those bits (a few cheerios or a chunk of cheese, a strawberry etc) then I'd give more. But there were days it literally just went on the floor.

It is hopefully just a short phase.

CrumpetHead Tue 20-Oct-15 08:20:09

Thanks Picnic, I hope it'll be the same with him then, i'm pleased to hear your DD is back to her normal self. smile

TheOriginalWinkly Tue 20-Oct-15 08:24:12

DD is 15mo, some days she eats like a horse, sometimes she has the appetite of a teeny bird. Toddlers don't grow as fast as babies so their appetite sometimes goes down, and then there's teething and all sorts of other things that are more interesting than food. So long as he's drinking don't worry. Before you know it he'll have a growth spurt and demand thirds of porridge smile

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