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fantasy tan & breast feeding?

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pesme Thu 13-May-04 21:49:08

hilariously, considering i have brushed my hair about twice since dd was born 4 months ago, i am considering getting one of those spray tan jobs. can't bear to read the guardian 'living is bad for you poison guide'. can anyone let me know if this is a really bad idea if you are breast feeding.

aloha Fri 14-May-04 14:25:29

I'd do it without a second thought. In fact, I dimly recall having a St Tropez (teak-effect disaster btw) & happily wore fake tan while breastfeeding. After all, just because it has a colour, doesn't mean it is any more 'chemical' than applying body lotion or makeup.

Northerner Fri 14-May-04 14:30:49

If you're really concerned stick some breast pads over your nipples whilst being sprayed.

pesme Fri 14-May-04 19:38:58

thanks, can't wait to be tanned for the first time in my life, maybe that will distract from the big baby overhang

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