mastitis and thrush - what can I do?

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seriouslynonames Wed 14-Oct-15 20:00:38

Am breastfeeding newly arrived DD2. With DD1, nearly 5 years ago, I had all sorts of problems - poor latch, cracked nipples, two rounds of mastitis and then ductal thrush.

Unfortunately history is repeating itself almost exactly. This time the latch is better as I know what to look out for, although DD2 has a posterior tongue tie which has meant my nips have been sore since about day 3. Hoping to get that sorted on Friday.

But I have just spent 2 nights in hospital with mastitis and following I/V antibiotics for group B strep during labour, and the I/V antibiotics in hospital for mastitis and I now have another 7 days of oral antibiotics for the mastitis, I am 100% sure that I have thrush in my breasts again. My nipples are EVEN MORE sore than before (I've been feeding from the 'good' boob and expressing from the poorly boob), the initial latch is excruciating, and the stabbing / shooting pains have started in between feeds. So I am basically in constant pain somewhere in my boobs / nips.

I can't wear a bra as it's too painful (and I have none that fits my stupid sized boobs as the milk hasn't settled yet with all this going on) and I get milk all over every item of clothing or nightwear at every feed - and now I am going to have to wash it all at 60 degrees to get rid of the thrush.

So not really enjoying these lovely early days of newborn cuddles and bonding and am crying a lot of the time as it's so upsetting that everything that I wanted to avoid this time around is happening again.

Not really sure what I'm after from this post - but any advice welcome!
- how to sort the swelling and discomfort of the mastitis?
- can I treat thrush at the same time as taking antibiotics or is there no point until I've finished the antibiotics?
- will my nipple ever return to normal size after using hospital grade breast pump for 24 hours on my poorly boob? (can't get DD2 to latch on that side, however painful for me, as the nipple is all drawn out and swollen from the ?mastitis and / or the pumping)

thanks for any advice and support!

mintbiscuit Thu 15-Oct-15 17:25:50

Omg. Poor you sad

Well done for soldiering on.

Have only had mastitis. I alternated ibuprofen and paracetemol every couple of hours. Used sliced potato on affected area (google it!). Used cold compress in between feeds and moist heat before feed. Also took vit c and zinc tablets plus echinacea to boost immune system.

Re pumping could you do shorter sessions but more frequently to help with swollen nipple? Also are you using correct shield size as incorrect size can sometimes cause swelling.

Have you looked into homeopathy for mastitis. Check out

I hope it all resolves soon for you.

CityDweller Fri 16-Oct-15 10:32:56

You poor thing. I too have only had mastitis - twice with DD who was also tongue tied. The kellymom website has excellent advice on how to treat it and I followed that to self-treat my second bout. I recall it involved a lot of hot flannels, painful (but productive) self-massage in the bath, etc. I also took raw garlic. While I took anti-bs for the first bout, they don't do anything to clear the blockages (or fix the cause of the problem) so that's why it came back.

Hopefully once you get the tt sorted it will help with the mastitis as then baby will be able to drain the breast effectively.

CityDweller Fri 16-Oct-15 10:35:46

Ps the nipple pain could just be from the tt feeding issues. With DD I thought I had thrush on several ocassions because I used to get pain in nipples and breasts during and between feeds. Turns out it was vasospasms - DD clamped down so it cut off circulation to nipple. It's then painful when circulation returns. Do your nipples come out with white tips (that aren't friction blisters?)

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