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Introducing cow's milk at 12 months + BF

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sandy30 Wed 14-Oct-15 16:33:52

Hi all,

I'm a bit unsure of how and if to introduce a drink of cow's milk for my son when he turns 12 months shortly. Could anyone in a similar position tell me how they've done it?

My son is currently BF, only getting a bottle now and again if I'm away. He is in nursery 4 days a week where he has always a refused a bottle, but now eats well and takes water in a sippy cup. He is BF at 6pm and first thing in the morning, and usually several times during the night. I also feed him 2-3 times during the day on the 3 days I'm not working.

I have no plans to stop BF-ing soon (we didn't realy get going until he was 6 months!) and he is still boob-mad. Once he turns one, nursery will give him a cup of cow's milk with his morning and afternoon snacks. Should I also introduce a cup with breakfast and after dinner, or are the breastfeeds he's getting at home enough?

mintbiscuit Wed 14-Oct-15 17:17:33

Breastfeeds should be enough. On nursery days I just offered water at breakfast and dinner but made sure I offered breastfeeds before breakfast, when getting home from nursery and before bed. Don't forget dc will get other dairy in form of cheese, yoghurts etc. And milk in their cereal.

sandy30 Wed 14-Oct-15 19:36:05

Thanks mintbiscuit

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