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Vitamin D drops for breastfed babies

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Focusfocus Mon 12-Oct-15 17:21:44

Hi all

I reached the earlier end of full term today and am thinking about something to do with Vitamin D.

I am Indian and have dark skin and spent 23 years of my life growing up in the searing heat of tropical India. A few years after my move to the UK for higher education I developed very very low mood - about the age of 28, and fatigue and just complete blahness. The NHS then did a blood test and found that my Vitamin D levels, had, over those 5 years away from the tropics - fallen to a level that was actually - off the charts.

The docs put me on massively high doses of Vitamin D - as in - huge amounts. In 3 months they tested again and it came to within the range but not at all optimal. Since then, over the past 2 years, I have been on a higher than usual dose of 1000 IU daily (25 ug) including during pregnancy. I have been asked to never fall from this unless I move back to the tropics, which I wont.

I last got tested about 9 months ago just when I conceived. Well the levels were still very borderline on the lowest end of the normal range - nowhere near optimal. In fact in some labs they would be considered lower than the normal range.

Now baby to be - is half Indian, half white Caucasian. I have plans to EBF and come from an EBF family/culture in India. But my family didnt have these depleted reserves as they continue to live their and babies there grow up rolling about in the sun.

I can see the guidelines are for babies to get a D supplement from 6 months. but considering - despite my best efforts over the last few years my own levels continue to crawl at a dissatisfactory level - would it be prudent to give baby Vitamin D drops for infants from an earlier age if he is EBF?

has anyone done that or been in a similar position? If so what drops did you use and from how early on? I've been looking at WellBaby D drops and DDrops.

Thanks for any advice! If there is someone else I could ask and explain my specific situation to, let me know.

Skiptonlass Mon 12-Oct-15 18:03:34

It's standard practice here (Sweden) due to the latitude. We get only a few hours of daylight a day in winter and even that is twilighty.

I've got my one week checkup tomorrow, I'll ask the midwife what she recommends smile I think they are free here...

tiktok Mon 12-Oct-15 20:47:02

Speak to your midwife, focus. Yes, in your situation vit d might well be prudent. They can be prescribed, therefore free to pg women and postnatal women to a year.

Skiptonlass Tue 13-Oct-15 20:05:14

Yup, got the drops. Any reputable brand is fine smile

Getting them from spoon to baby is .... Challenging ;)

Focusfocus Tue 13-Oct-15 20:23:35

Thanks! I spoke to my colleagues in Norway, Denmark, Germany all of whom said this was mandatory from soon after birth, so thought it would be that way for Sweden too.

BumWad Wed 14-Oct-15 03:53:29

Makes sense. My 4 month old DS is also Indian/Caucasian. He is however on dalavit drops as he was born at 32 weeks as is currently mixed fed.

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