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Self weaning at 5 months

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annawoolfworries Sat 10-Oct-15 21:41:05

My ds has been mixed fed since birth. I didn't get off to a great start bfing but as time has gone on we had a good routine. In the last two weeks he has completely reused the breast. It's been 10 days. If I put him to it he cries hysterically & gets angry. He doesn't show any latching behaviour or reach to them either. Sites such as Kelly mom keep saying how unusual it is for a baby to self wean before 12 months. I have recently introduced solids & he has cut his first teeth. I'm very sad that bfing has stopped & was hoping to carry on longer. Just wondering if anyone else has experience of this. Ideally I would want him to go back to the breast but don't know if this is realistic.

mintbiscuit Sun 11-Oct-15 10:05:54

If you want to get baby back to the breast I would stop the solids and then think about stopping the bottles gradually. Current health guidelines are to start solids after 6 months. Breast milk is higher in calories than solids so if baby is filling up on solids they won't be motivated to 'work' at the breast for food there. Same for formula/bottles. I suspect that as you have been mixed feeding your supply has decreased so baby may be getting frustrated at the breast with low supply and finds it easier to bottle feed.

If you haven't bf dc for 10 days have you been maintaining your supply through expressing? If not can I suggest you start expressing to rebuild supply and give baby expressed milk in bottle for now. You could then start trying to get baby back to breast by offering when they are really relaxed or drowsy (when they are hungry they will most likely refuse). Even if it is comfort sucking for now. Night time and nap time might be good time to offer. Once you get baby comfortable about the breast again you can start to offer more frequent feeds and replace the formula and expressing.

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