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Persistent breastfeeding thrush

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Jod31 Fri 02-Oct-15 22:01:10

Baby and I have had breastfeeding thrush for 9 weeks now, ive been using miconozole cream and baby has had the oral gel and nystatin. We had swabs taken at the docs who wasn't convinced it was thrush as i had no stabbing/shooting pains, and the baby had no white patches in her mouth. The cultures came back positive for thrush and the medication seemed the clear me up after about 2weeks. The redness however is still present and after a little break in medication it flared ip and began to hurt again. I continued with cream and gel, and started to take acidophilus and grapefruit seed extract and ive cut out sugar from my diet. It doesn't hurt anymore but stilk red which means it hasnt gone! Im so fed up. Really hoping theres something else i can try? I hot wash all laundry at the mo and either tumble dry on hot or dry on the line in the sun. I sterilise dummies after each use in milton and boil once every day and replace weekly. Its exhausting. Please any advice/suggestions gratefully received.

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