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Nibbly breastfeeding baby

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MusicMum18 Fri 02-Oct-15 21:02:05

My lo is 5 and a half months and sometimes nibbles towards the end of a feed. Also, sometimes she makes his smacking noise I think it's when the suction is released.
My nipples are now slightly sore, I've put some Lansinoh on but what should I do with lo, I'm worried about putting her off breast if I repeatedly take her off as I have just had a battle to wean her off bottle onto me. Don't want her to reject the boob! But hen she needs to learn!
She hasn't got teeth yet but obviously I don't want her to get into the habit if her nibbling as it might progress to biting...ouch!
Should I end the feed when she nibbles or is that too risky? Up till now it's been drummed into me by health visitors and midwives that she should fall off on her own.
Hanks for any advice,

Doublebubblebubble Fri 02-Oct-15 21:07:13

Have you checked her mouth yet for actually toothy-pegs?? If you can't see you might be able to feel with a finger... Is she chewing anything and everything¿

My DD didn't start to get teeth until she was a year old - I bf for 19months so I'm not sure really when they are meant to come in.. I know my DD was fairly late teethwise. I would continue to feed until baby fell off by themselves (unless of course she is actually hurting you) x

BathshebaDarkstone Fri 02-Oct-15 21:08:51

Advice from a book I had: insert your little finger into the corner of her mouth to break the seal every time she nibbles, then straight back on. She'll soon learn that nibbling means no food. I bf'd DS until he was 23 months!

StylishDuck Fri 02-Oct-15 21:22:58

What Bathsheba said.

My DD started clamping down on me (not nibbling, proper biting and she did have two teeth shock) around 5.5 months. I did exactly that, just put a finger to release the pressure every time she did it and she soon learned. She's 8 months now and hasn't done it for ages (hopefully I'm not tempting fate here confused)

MusicMum18 Sun 04-Oct-15 21:43:21

Hi thanks for the advice...double bubble no toothy pegs yet, but her gums are bumpy and we had terrible day yesterday, crying and grumpy with bright pink cheeks so think the teeth are coming!!!

My nipples are a bit sore but she hasn't been biting as such, it just seems to be towards the end of the feed she has a nibble sometimes. She nibbles for a bit but then gulps so I'm assuming she's still feeding and therefore shouldn't take her off?? Presumably they can't bite and feed at the same time?

I think my nipples are sore perhaps from her sucking power or because sometimes she pulls back with nipple in her mouth. She tried it today and I was quicker to release the latch. I think she wants to come away but forge she still has my nipple in her mouth! It's been uncomfortable at the starts of feeds today but then it's fine once she gets going.

I'll see how she goes tomorrow.

Also, congratulations on your breastfeeding everyone. I have to say that bf is the hardes thing I've ever done. Thought I'd only do 6 months but think I can do longer now. Had a nightmare start when midwives told me wrong advice about when to feed etc. but I'm loving it now, makes me feel so close to my dd.

One more question, presumably as you wean you offer boob less? As baby needs less milk as on or solids? Just wondering as I want to keep going but don't know how to, if dd takes mor food. She might not want bf? Sorry if I'm being thick, but I'm just assuming babies just switch to solids and wean off the milk. Or do they just bf for as long as you offer it?

StylishDuck Sun 04-Oct-15 23:26:17

You don't have to stop the feed when she nibbles. Just put a little finger in to release the suction when she clamps and then put her straight back on. She'll soon learn that when she nibbles the feed is interrupted and stop.

As for weaning, my DD is 8 months now and on 3 meals a day plus we've just started to introduce snacks as well. She feeds from me 4 times a day: first thing in the morning, late morning, late afternoon and last thing before bed. Her feeds didn't noticeably start to reduce until she was on 3 full meals. In fact up til she was nearly 7 months she was still feeding every 2 hours during the day (though she does sleep through the night). I find I'm having to offer the 2 feeds during the day now rather than her asking for them but I don't want to drop them too soon. I'll go back to work when she's nearly 10 months so plan to wean her off the 2 middle feeds by then and just stick with the morning & night ones as long as she wants them.

Hope that helps...I'm sure someone who's done it before will be able to offer better advice!

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