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losing my milk?

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Spod Wed 12-May-04 11:00:40

for the past couple of days, dd has really been struggling to feed from me, she seems to get really agitated, pinching me, pulling off and complaining etc.... i dont get a big let down (iykwim) like before.... i think theres something wrong, what can i do?

mears Wed 12-May-04 11:20:05

This might help Spod here

You are not losing your milk - sometimes babies go through these short phases. HTH.

Spod Wed 12-May-04 12:01:51

thanks mears... thing is shes not refusing to feed... she wants milk but its llike shes acting as if its not there..... she's done a nursing strike a couple of times before, so i know what they are like - that was for teething. thing is i am really very stressed about some unpleasant family situations and i know it is affecting me

Spod Wed 12-May-04 12:05:43

sorry, i'm not explaining myself well. what i mean is, shes now responding in the same way as she does when (when feeding normally) shes drained one side and wants the other.... does that make sense?

mears Wed 12-May-04 12:19:20

Could be that she is sensing your stress to some degree. It might be that because you are stressed your let down is slower. You definately do have milk but your overall sense of wellbeing can impact on your breastfeeding relationship. It will sort itself out but do not add to your stress by thinking you haven't got milk. You definately have. Try and get your self more relaxed by whatever means - nice music, feed in the bath and it all else fails, a relaxing glass of wine. Have confidence in your ability to produce milk for your baby. Also concentrate on getting the family situation sorted out. Is DH helping?

strangerthanfiction Wed 12-May-04 12:45:41

How old is she spod? Dd did this a lot around the 4 month mark.

Spod Wed 12-May-04 14:15:50

she's seven months and has always been an excellent feeder, except at teething times. dh is helping so i'm lucky there. i guess its just all the stress and tiredness. i know you're right mears, thanks. just worried cos my mum lost her milk when bf my brother when she was under a lot of stress. unfortunately the family situations are beyond solving, they are probably abpout to get worse and theres nothing we can do about it. thanks for your reassurance, it does help.

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