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Nipple Shields

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MusicMum18 Sat 12-Sep-15 11:24:23

Been using nipple shields since lo was 2 weeks due to latching on probs as she screamed for hunger in a millisecond and I couldn't get her on quick enough. Plus I had 3degree episot so was in agony.
Nipple shields enabled me to continue feeding, but I have good and bad feeding days. Yest was good today bad. She has screamed every time I've tried to put her on so far so have given her expressed. Could it be a nursing strike? Or is she sick of the shields? I know I am?
Is there anyone who has used these long term? Just wounding if I am using them wrong?
Is there anyway I can wean her off, I have tried in middle of feeds, when she's tired, squishing my boob etc, but she gets mad and knows I am tricking her!
Id love to get off them but not sure if it is possible to get off them

Tornupinside Sat 12-Sep-15 15:28:19

How old is little one? I've only ever been able to breastfeed using shields, my son for 7 months and my daughter for 5 months so far!

With my son I never bothered trying to not use them and he was happy but with my daughter, she went through a phase of seeming to fuss around them. Once she got a bit bigger I started trying without them. Very occasionally I've been able to feed her without them but would not be confident enough to go on a day trip without them.

What I've found is that I have to hold my boob and kinds of fold it in one hand so the nipple faced upwards and I brush it into her mouth then I have to hold the back of her head... Sometimes she can and sometimes she can't!

Just keep trying ever few weeks as she gets big herb

MusicMum18 Sat 12-Sep-15 16:17:08

Lo is 20 weeks + 6 today has been bad feeding day, she hasn't taken any feeds at all! I'm not confident feeding her when out as her behaviour is different with every feed. Sometimes she's fine, other times she fusses and cries when I try putting her on till I eventually give her expressed or formula out of bottle then go and pump!
Her weight is perfect, she's right in the middle of all the charts so I don't really want to stop.
Do you pump in between feeds or does your milk supply stay up? Sometimes I don't think she takes all the milk from me so worry about my supply dwindling.
Do you need to top up?

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