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Not feeding well during day, teething related???

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Smileysar1 Sun 06-Sep-15 22:14:54

My ds2 (17 weeks) has for the last few days only drank about an ounce of formula at each feed during the day.
I have managed to get a full 5 ounces in at a dream feed and that's all pretty much.
He is showing all the signs of teething (dribbles excessively, one red cheek, really grizzly, chewing hand etc)
My ds1 never went off his milk ever. Even with d&v he was asking for food so this is completely new to me!
Is this a normal teething symptom?? Should I be worried???

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 07-Sep-15 17:07:13

It could be teeth. Have you tried him with a dose of ibruprofen about 30 minutes before a feed and a teething gel just before?

He might also like a clean, cool, damp flannel to chew on smile

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