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Is this reflux?

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Nottalotta Wed 02-Sep-15 02:15:21

DS is almkst 6wks ad ebf. The last couple of eweeks he has started being very noisy in bed after his feed at around 1am. He makesca LOT of noise, grunty type noises. Not wind. It seems to stop him sleeping properly despite him being very tired - eyes closing, falls asleep then wakes again. It certainly keeps me awake. I have brought him downstairs so he doesnt disturb DH who gets up at 4.

I currenly have him propped up in my arm and hes doing it less but has just spit up quite a bit of milk.

Doesnt do it during the day and not crying but its quite wearing and i dont like to think hes uncomfortable.

We see the Dr on the 10th for 6 wk check.

nolongerwaitingfornumber2 Wed 02-Sep-15 02:42:14

Gutted I just lost a long reply to you!

Yes , it does sound like reflux. My DS had similar symptoms and we got prescribed Gaviscon which has worked wonders but made him constipated!

You can also try Gripe Water now your baby is over a month.

I also hold him upright against my chest for 20 mins after feeds too and feed in a position recommended by the bfing support group: leaning back on propped up pillows with DS straddling the opposite leg to the side you ate feeding off so they are in a more upright position. This way the milk isn't just sitting in his tummy when I lie him down.

Good luck x

Nottalotta Wed 02-Sep-15 02:46:27

Thank you, I Will give the feeding position a go. He is pretty relaxed about how he feeds so should be ok. Don't like the sound of constipation. I'll speak to the GP when i see her on the 10th assuming it gets no worse.

Moominy12 Wed 02-Sep-15 12:46:50

I had the exact same thing! The doctor suggest a milk allergy which I tried for a day and it clearly wasn't as it was only at night.

I switched to sma comfort milk advised by my HV for silent reflux and it helped so much! As its thicker if settled the reflux. Maybe ask your HV?

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