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Teat flow at 9 weeks - Dr Browns

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Moominy12 Sat 29-Aug-15 15:36:28

Ladies i need some mummy advice.

So my little one is suffering from silent reflux since 4 weeks so was given sma Comfort which works a treat. She switched to Dr Brown level 2's at 5 weeks as she was taking an hour to have 2oz on level 1.

Now at 9 weeks, she is still on comfort (which is thicker) and level 2 teats but she is only eating 2oz every 2ish hours still! im exhausted! she has to take deep breaths between a few swallows as if shes tired from sucking.

Ive just tried a level 3 teat (6month +) to see if that helps. She managed a whole 3oz in 5 mins! :O

Although she was dribbling a little milk whilst feeding, she seemed okay. She also winded better on level 3 if thats possible.

Im just terrified its too much for her too fast and wouldnt know that im drowning her seems they are from 6 months.

Anyone used level 3 this young?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 30-Aug-15 09:44:45

As the milk is thicker, I should think it was fine but you may want to check with your HV.

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