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Feeding baby too much ?

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FluffieBabies Thu 27-Aug-15 13:33:18

One of my 2 week old twins (6.5lb weight) likes his grub and is putting on weight very well. The midwives and health visitor said this is ok and we can't overfeed him. However he had a slight vomit & choking episode yesterday, and were told by the doctor it was because we were feeding him too much. Doc said 450ml of formula per day is about right (i breastfeed when they will take it too) but we were giving around 750 per day which was too much.

Scotinoz Thu 27-Aug-15 18:48:03

I expressed for my eldest when she was first born, and the midwife gave me a rule of thumb to work out much much per feed. 150ml per kg, then divide by the number of feeds a day.

150ml x 3kg (6.5lb is just under 3kg) = 450ml. 55ml per feed (8feeds a day)

750ml sounds a lot. But then again, I'd feed on demand at that age. And I thought they chucked up the extra they drank but decided they didn't really need.

FluffieBabies Fri 28-Aug-15 15:17:56

Thanks for your thoughts Scotinoz.

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