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How important is teat size for FF?

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NiNoKuni Thu 27-Aug-15 09:15:54

My DS is 10 weeks. He's always been on size 1 teats (mainly MAM, some Lansinoh bottles). I noticed the other day that size 2 is recommended from 2 months so duly bought replacement size 2 teats for his 6 MAM bottles. He doesn't seem to like them very much, is spluttering, whinging and leaking a bit. Should I just switch back to size 1 or persevere? What happens if he stays on size 1? Does he just need to get used to size 2?

CoodleMoodle Thu 27-Aug-15 12:21:46

I'd switch back for now, if he's unhappy or struggling.

DD started taking ages and ages to finish her bottle and that's when we moved up a size.

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