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Expressed bottle feeding issue/

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JRWREN2110 Wed 26-Aug-15 18:15:57


So I have an ebf 8 week old (gosh time has gone fast)...

She has been given one expressed bottle a day since 4 weeks, she has never been happy about it, but we have persevered-she sometimes had only 1oz or sometimes 4oz, depending on her mood/hunger. We used to give it to her at 9pm, but she began to point blank refuse it at that time, so we tried it earlier when DH gets in from work at 5pm.

She is so content and rarely cries much. But over the past week when her Dad tries to give the expressed bottle she screams to high hell, she will only take it from me (weird I know)-she has always needed me in the room to take it-she must associate me with food. Even when I give her the bottle she doesn't like it...but will have at least some (1-3oz), but then gets really upset.

I hate upsetting her, we were only doing it so her Dad could feed her once and I could possibly have a break. Possibly in the future I could have contemplated a gym visit (knowing she has food and is with her Dad)....doesn't look like it's on the cards for me.

Should I persevere or give up? I hate upsetting her, especially since she is usually so content.

She is def a mummy's girl at the moment-she will only go to her Dad for short periods. I rarely get a break...I am a baby-wearer that might be why...

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 26-Aug-15 19:00:56

I had 2 total bottle refusers, so I'm not sure I can be of much help. If you search old threads, there will be lots on bottle refusing.

Has DH tried her with a cup? Have a look on Kellymom at alternative feeding methods and how to bottle feed the Bf baby.

As for getting some time to yourself. Could you feed her and then get DH to change her and take her out? There's no reason they can't go out together for an hour or two, more if he takes a bottle of ebm with them smile

Nottalotta Thu 27-Aug-15 12:33:18

Interested to read this as I am hoping to start DS on one bottle of ebm a day, he sounds exactly like your daughter, dad can't have him.long. Trouble with DH taking him.out is only bf seems to settle him and sometimes its every half hour. Watching with interest

Lunastarfish Thu 27-Aug-15 18:19:47

Im no help either I'm afraid. I started expressing on Sunday. first bottle was a success but since then my 6 week old has refused it and had an absolute meltdown when DP tried. I intend to keep persevering as I'd like to be able to go out on my own at some point but hopefully someone wise can assist us!

JRWREN2110 Thu 27-Aug-15 20:50:52

It's just a massive learning curve, I didn't give her one today, I have been on the move all day so haven't had time to express! Apparently from reading old posts a baby won't starve themselves, so as stressful as it is for DH/DP apparently best thing to do is leave them to it for a few hours, and DH/DP can offer bottle every hour, if they don't take it-then they aren't hungry enough.... this process should be continued daily over a 2 week period and DH/DP can comfort as best they can if they are tearful

I don't think I can do it strange as this may seem, I was a room leader of a baby room and had a few parents bring EBF babies in without having given them a bottle, I had a lot of work on my hands to get them to take one and lots of tears, but they would eventually take it. As a mum, I can't do it, I think I am too soft when it comes to my own - precious first born and all that. I would be stricter later, but I think she is just so little...

I'm being ridiculous, even I know that!

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