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Baby refusing to eat and drink - any experience?

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sleepisforthetired Wed 26-Aug-15 11:51:08


Sorry - going to put down what I think is relevant, so may be long winded - any help or "we've had this" type responses, would be grateful smile

My 8month old had been ill (D+V) - seemed over this now but still under the weather. Has been over 2 weeks now.

She started refusing solids, finger-food and puree just before she started being sick. No problem as she was still taking her milk.

She is now refusing milk as well - she has bottles during the day and does less than half of what she was taking pre-illness (milk = ebm and FF, which she has had since 5 months).

She is also refusing nursing at night - in terms of time spending less than half the previous average time feeding over night - 3 feeds on average, and now its a battle for over 5 minutes (used to be about 12 mins)

Her nappies are noticeably less wet - but this makes sense as less going in. No smell or colour noticed

We have also offered water and even juice to encourage her to take something - refuses

She is so pale and lethargic compared to pre-illness, and (not sure if this is relevant) completely refuses to lay on her belly.
Never a popular task, but now its a pure rage like she is in pain. When I pick her up after, she takes a moment to stop crying whereas before used to stop crying fairly quickly once off her tummy. We have tried toys etc, she is not left when on tummy as she gets so upset.

She has visibly lost weight, but her legs are still as big as the were, but don't appear to be retaining fluid

I hope I am just worrying over nothing - but I cant shake there is something wrong as she is so sad even for her temperament.

I do have a GP appointment for Friday as not an "emergency" situation at the moment - but any advice either to get her drinking, or what it could be (and what I could try to help her) would be gratefully received.

thank you

tiktok Wed 26-Aug-15 13:09:16

I don't think any doctor would criticise you for seeking an emergency appt today for your dd.

She sounds quite poorly. She needs a medical opinion. If you list the symptoms my bet is they would say bring her to the surgery ASAP.

iAmNicolaMurray Wed 26-Aug-15 13:13:37

My one year old goes off food and water for the most minor of reasons but never refuses breast milk. If I was you I'd get an emergency appointment. I hope she gets better soon. flowers

sleepisforthetired Tue 01-Sep-15 16:21:21

Just updating to say the GP was not concerned re poor feeding as can be normal after getting over a bug, but is referring her due to the fact she is “out of proportion” as where she has lost weight, the size of her legs is more noticeable as the top half has gotten smaller and the legs remain big.

Whilst it could just be her body shape, the GP wants to see she is checked over. Just in case this helps anyone else 

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