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11mo in nursery - introduce formula or cows milk??

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Latium123 Tue 18-Aug-15 22:13:47

My DD has just turned 11 mo and has started nursery, mornings only at the moment. She will shortly be going in full days and then I go back to work in about a month's time. She has been BF but has always been happy to take a bottle of expressed milk. Recently we have given her some formula just to see if she would take it and to give me a bit of a break - no problems and has taken that quite happily. I have been thinking that I might stop BFing soon as I don't want my hormones to be all over the place when I go back to work.

My question is what should I do when she is in nursery full time? Up until now I have always BF her on demand and she is down to around 3 feeds per day now, usually before breakfast, an afternoon feed and then before bed.

I guess my options are (1) just cut the afternoon BF and let her catch up when I see her at the end of the day (2) introduce formula in place of that afternoon BF and then either carry on BFing or gradually move to formula for the other feeds or (3) introduce cows milk for that afternoon BF and then gradually move to cows milk for the other milk. Or (4) some combination of these options.

I'm getting myself so confused and can't decide what is best for her. WWYD?

Novia Tue 18-Aug-15 22:29:32

We went straight from BFing to cow's milk around 11 months with no problem at all. You need to give vitamins when you stop feeding but that's all. No point in paying so much more for processed milk that you will also need to wean the baby off. I still BF the baby first and last feed to a year, could you do that too? Then it's just one bottle for a while...

Latium123 Thu 20-Aug-15 11:34:59

Good point, if I go to formula, I' just going to have to get her off that and the bottle too. I think I will start to give some cows milk in the afternoon and carry on BFing morning and night for now and review in another few weeks time.

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