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Could my milk be drying up at 13 months?

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TheOriginalWinkly Sun 16-Aug-15 22:50:55

DD was ebf until weaning, and she still breast feeds at least 4/5 times a day and once or twice overnight unless I'm at work. I do 9 hour shifts, 4 days in 10. Normally by the end of a late shift like today (last one was 9 days ago) my boobs are like boulders and I can't wait to get home to relieve them (no time to express!) Tonight my boobs feel fairly soft and squish able. Is this the end? sad I hope not, nursing is such a lovely tool to have and I have a very un-cuddly DD so it suits me as much as it does her.

tiktok Sun 16-Aug-15 23:32:31

This is normal, winkly. Most women in your situation - very established breastfeeding with irregular patterns - would experience the same ie hard full breasts after a long period being 'unused' for a while, followed by soft breasts as the body 'understands' the milk is not needed. Your supply will have reduced but only in terms of storing it. Your supply will respond to your baby's needs pretty quickly when she needs it. Milk is made very responsively when it has been going this long. Milk really does not disappear like this. In fact it takes some time to stop.

TheOriginalWinkly Mon 17-Aug-15 14:03:22

Thank you tiktok, that's good to know smile

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