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Expressing breast milk question.

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Penguinandminipenguin Sun 16-Aug-15 16:49:21

I'm expressing for the first time and have got up to 4oz so far. I've read my 4 day old DD needs 2oz per feed.

So do I just feed her from this bottle now and keep going back to it, or do I separate 2oz into individual bottles to give as and when?

dementedpixie Sun 16-Aug-15 17:05:49

I would separate it into smaller amounts in case she doesn't finish all of it

ShipShapeAhoy Sun 16-Aug-15 17:07:48

I tried and failed at expressing so I'm not an expert but I think once the baby has had a drink from the bottle you're supposed to throw away what they leave. So as not to have to waste it, personally I'd separate into smaller bottles until you know how much she'll take at once.

KittyCatKittyCat Sun 16-Aug-15 17:10:42

Keep it stored in the fridge (I used sticky notes to label what day they were from, as it lasts 5 days?).
Pour our 2-3oz each time you need it and warm it up.

We used thr larger tommee tippee bottles with storage lids, and decanted into the smaller bottles as and when we needed, warming with the bottle warmer. We also popped a mini fridge and bottle warmer into the nursery so we could do this easily in the middle of the night! The mini fridge has since been used at work under the desk!

Penguinandminipenguin Sun 16-Aug-15 20:02:32

Thanks everyone. Stupid question, but how do I heat the milk up?

youlemming Sun 16-Aug-15 20:45:53

Either in a specific bottle warmer that you put water in then stand the bottle in and it warms it for a certain length of time.
Or just use a suitable container and poor in boiling water and stand the bottle in that.

eurochick Sun 16-Aug-15 20:47:39

Definitely don't go back to it. I think the time limit I was given was one hour once the bottle had been started.

Heat it up in a jug of hot water (although my baby was happy with fridge cold milk).

seastargirl Sun 16-Aug-15 20:54:47

I was advised you could go back to a bottle once provided it had been refrigerated and you went back to it within one day.

This website is useful

Christelle2207 Sun 16-Aug-15 21:35:38

I warm all bottles in microwave for 10-20 seconds depending on amount. Not technically recommended because there might be "hot spots" -just give it a good shake!

MrsNuckyThompson Sun 16-Aug-15 21:40:47

Why are you expressing at all at this stage? Not trying to be unsupportive but it sounds like you are creating work for yourself. There's plenty of time to start expressing once you're on your feet a bit more. It might be easier just to feed on demand right now?

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