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8 month old refusing all milk - help!

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Binglebang Thu 13-Aug-15 19:18:26

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice. For the last 2 days my nearly 8 month old has completely refused all bottles. He is still happily eating meals so I've been trying to give him cereal with formula/frozen breast milk but he isn't the biggest fan of being spoon fed so the absolute max I can get I to him a day is about 250 mls sad

I am pretty sure he is teething so wondering if it is that? He clamps his mouth shut and bats the bottle away, pulls away crying or occasionally chews on it. Have tried sippy cups but he won't really take anything. He is also a light sleeper so have attempted a dream feed but he woke and pulled away after a few sips.

Am trying hard not to worry but I am worrying! Any tips from anyone that I could try at all? Will take him to the docs to check it isn't anything else tomorrow but he is perfectly fine in himself.

Verbena37 Fri 14-Aug-15 00:34:58

Sounds totally like teeth to me.
If you're ever worried he isn't taking enough milk, just check out a baby website that charts how much calcium they need daily. For an 8 month old baby it's around 270mg so you can then check what foods he is having in a day and see how easily it adds up.

I would give calpol half an hour before a feed and give cooling teething rings/Teething gel etc to ease his gums. It generally doesn't go on for more than a day or two without milk but offer regular feeds and keep what you're doing giving milk in food and he'll be fine I'm sure.

Binglebang Fri 14-Aug-15 19:46:36

Thanks Verbena - he was checked out at the docs and nothing wrong so it looks like teething. Hopefully it will pass soon!

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