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Is this enough milk?

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PenguinTheGrey Sun 09-Aug-15 19:22:14

DC was combi fed up to just before 6 months. When he was first fully on bottles, he seemed to be eating loads - about 36 oz across 5 daytime bottles?

Have been weaning for a couple of weeks now (started at 25) but just at stage of a couple of cubes of veg about midday, & couple of cubes fruit mixed with a couple of spoons baby rice or baby porridge at 5:30.

But over the last week, he's been dropping ounces of milk - down to 26-28 between 7-7 when he's awake.
yesterday he just about got to 26, & then woke up at 10pm (we dropped dream feed about 6 weeks ago).

Is 28 oz enough at the moment? I feel like I don't know because he was mainly breastfed - I don't know whether he was taking 36 oz because he could & it was there/easy, or whether I should be trying to get more milk in him somehow. He is very emphatic when he doesn't want any more, both with bottle & with solids. But waking up for food at 10pm makes me worry - I've heard many stories about doing milk feeds too quickly & an increase in night wakings...

Fluffy24 Sun 09-Aug-15 19:38:52

DS (6.5 months) cut back on milk a lot too but he'll eat three fairly big solid meals plus two snacks every day, I was worried at first too but now we just go with the flow. He has a BF 3-4 times a day (early morning, late afternoon, late evening), 7oz of formula, and like to get cheese or milk into solid food.

We do have night waking but it's normally only once in the night and I don't think I could get any more milk into him anyway - for us I actually think it's about getting some quiet time with mum when days have so much exciting stuff happening and I don't really mind.

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