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Reflux? But only at night?

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SheilaTakeABow Sat 08-Aug-15 07:19:55

DS2 is ten weeks on Monday and EBF. He's always suffered with a bit of trapped wind, but we were handling that. For the past few nights however we've been unable to put him down in his cot to sleep. Previously he'd slept pretty well in there, but now, even if he's flat out when we put him in, he soon starts groaning and fidgeting before ending up with full-blown crying. It's not a 'wanting to be held' thing, he's obviously in some discomfort.
So, I know not wanting to be flat is a reflux symptom, but it's the only one he's got - no spitting up, no fussing at feeds, although his cry is quite raspy... But he's fine during the day to be on his back too.
Basically, will a GP tell me to sod off if we've only got one symptom, or, indeed, am I looking for a diagnosis that's not there?

Chrysanthemum5 Sat 08-Aug-15 08:37:43

He could have silent reflux they don't spit up milk with that. Ask you GP about it. Also after each feed sit him upright for 20 minutes to allow the digestion process to start - the problem is that acid is coming back out of the stomach so sitting him up helps prevent that.

SheilaTakeABow Sun 09-Aug-15 09:19:11

After scouring the internet, I'm fairly sure it is silent reflux, as he has a few other symptoms too, such as frequent hiccups and bubbles at the mouth.
We already keep him upright after feeds to help with the normal wind, and his cot (an Ikea one adapted in the Mumsnet way for co-sleeping) is on books at one end to raise it.
After another day and night of my usually fairly placid baby screaming and getting worked up, does anyone have any other tips on easing it before I can get to the GP, which could take a week before there's any appointments?
Do any of the over-the-counter remedies help ease it, although I know wind and reflux aren't the same thing?

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