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Moving on from formula

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HeiressesGiltnor Wed 05-Aug-15 23:05:46

My DS is almost 11 months old and I'm thinking ahead to when he'll turn one and I can give him cows milk instead of formula.

He currently has a 7oz bottle when he wakes up and a 7oz bottle before bed. I always offer a bottle around lunchtime but it varies as to how much he drinks, if any. He eats very well and gets plenty of dairy in his food and is used to cows milk on cereal etc.

I think I will keep him on a nighttime bottle of formula because he has still sad got reflux. The formula he's on is very thick and I suspect it will make him feel more comfortable at night.

So can I just start using cows milk in his bottles when he's 1? I expect by then he won't want a bottle in the middle of the day. Is that ok? Should I offer him milk in a sippy cup with his snacks?

He loves drinking from his cup so I'd like to transition him off the bottles (except for night). But when he drinks from the cup he just sips. When he's drinking from a bottle he'll glug down 7oz in a matter of minutes!

I know all my questions sound a bit silly, but I can't imagine not having a bottle 'routine' as I've been so tied to one for ages now!

NickyEds Wed 05-Aug-15 23:21:10

No advice wrt the comfort milk but when ds was about to turn 1 we just switched to cows milk. We considered introducing it gradually in a bottle with f (so 5oz f,2oz cows etc) but just went for it in the end and he was fine. By then ds was only having a bedtime bottle (still does at 19 months) and a morning one- I offered him cows milk in a sippy cup in the morning and with meals but he's never really liked it so gave up. He has always been a good eater and has plenty of other calcium sources.

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