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10 day old forgotten how to latch

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Londoner1983 Wed 05-Aug-15 21:07:19


Just a message for reassurance/advice please! I am a first time mum and breastfeeding was going really well with baby only losing 1% of birth weight. However when baby was around 8 days old he stopped latching onto one breast, the day after he had issues with the other one and yesterday it was both. Yesterday was horrific day of him crying as he was becoming frustrated and hungry and me crying to see him like that! He had no wet/dirty nappies all day yesterday so in the end I expressed and bottle fed and he was like a different baby. Have seemed advice from midwife and breastfeeding support who say I'm doing everything I can do, it's him being fussy. They advised skin to skin, different positions which I've tried and tried today but to no avail. He's therefore had more expressed bottles. I am so desperate to persevere but don't know what else to do! Have tried going back to basics with him like I did when he was a day old but just nothing working. Any advice please?!!

lendi Wed 05-Aug-15 22:40:27

Don't want to read and run, sounds tricky. You're doing great to keep on with ebm rather than give up. Could he have oral thrush? Would make it painful for him? Maybe get mouth checked for that by HV or GP?

chumbler Thu 06-Aug-15 14:35:02

have you tried hand expressing a little just before he goes on? could help get flow going if that's the problem. or have a warm bath with baby?

Londoner1983 Thu 06-Aug-15 17:10:23

Hi yes I've tried hand expressing onto his lips every time I try. I've had health visitor come out and breastfeeding experts come try but he gets so hysterical for food after waking up that it's really hard to even try. I had lots of skin to skin with him today hoping that would help and he nuzzles for the breast, put it in his mouth a few times but then pulls away when he can't do it. I just don't get the sudden change! Feeling very down about it all as I am desperate to keep trying but it's making me unhappy when he can't do it, my husband frustrated to see me so upset and baby upset that he can't latch on!!

Londoner1983 Thu 06-Aug-15 17:12:02

Have had to give some formula today as well as some of my milk.

curlykale Thu 06-Aug-15 22:58:24

Could you try feeding when he's half asleep ie before he wakes properly if you can get there in time? Or in the bath as a pp suggests - might help you both to relax? And how about different positions - lying down or rugby hold?

Maybe consider seeing an osteopath in case there's something making him uncomfortable, from the birth or otherwise.

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