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Going back to work part-time and still BF'ing DD2 who will be 16 weeks - best hours to do?

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uppereastsidemom Wed 05-Aug-15 02:36:57

Don't judge my choice please - I'm only looking for advice to ensure I can continue breastfeeding!

I have to make a decision on what hours I will do in order to commit to a nanny. The choice is 5 mornings / week (8 - 1), or 2.5 full days (8 - 5; 8 - 1).

At the moment I leave DD2 with a babysitter one morning / week. I BF her on waking, she gets a bottle of EBM mid-morning, then I BF her when I return at lunchtime. I don't pump (I usually pump in the mornings to have a freezer stash) and don't have any engorgement or supply issues, but do find she feeds more during the afternoon following the morning I have missed the feed.

It would be a bit different for full days though wouldn't it. I'd have to pump in work (ugh), possibly twice? Would my supply be more at risk of dropping if I was away for longer periods of time, or would the 4-5 full days of feeding normally be enough to protect it?

BF is a big part of the decision making process about this for me (amongst many other variables) so any advice (especially from those with expert knowledge / personal experience) would be really welcome smile

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