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Help with flat nipples –what can I do?

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CakeInMyFace Mon 03-Aug-15 10:31:15

I haven’t posted on this board in a long time as I had my first DD 4 years ago. I’m 34 weeks with 5 weeks to go until my ELCS and starting to think about breastfeeding. I won’t rehash what happened the first time, but basically a very traumatic birth experience ending in EMCS, baby in NICU, lots of problems feeding and just couldn’t get breastfeeding established in the end despite weeks of desperately trying. At the time I was also told I have flat nipples and despite all the feeding they didn’t ever really get any better.

Now that I’m pregnant again I can see how flat they are and the one on my right possibly almost looks inverted. I’d really like to try again and wondering if anyone has any advice to draw them out? I am producing colostrum already so I have high hopes but want to be prepared. I understand nipple shields might help initially – any suggestions for good ones/a good brand? Anything I can do whilst still pregnant? Can I start pumping or anything to try to pull them out?

whizzbang1 Mon 03-Aug-15 10:34:43

I had the same - I found putting a breast bump on for 30 seconds before latching the baby on worked.

I tried all the nipple shields and other stuff available online, but none of it worked for me. After a few weeks I rarely needed the pump near as they were naturally beaten up and protruding. Now they're back to being flat.

Alternatively, if you're keen on breast milk over formula, you can always pump and pump.

Enjoy your baby!

notquitegrownup2 Mon 03-Aug-15 10:37:25

I had inverted nipples before having my kids. DS1 took a while to establish feeding and we had good support from a breast feeding clinic. They were very reassuring - the problem wasn't the nipples, he was a big baby and we struggled to get the latch position right. Once we did, he fed brilliantly, and my nipples quickly forgot to be flat!

I did use nipple shields when he was struggling to latch - they certainly helped him and may have helped with drawing out my nips. Not sure what make I used, but it wouldn't have been anything special.

HTH to reassure you. I didn't do anything before the birth - I'll bet your hormones, and your baby will do everything you need, once you get her/him latched on.

CakeInMyFace Mon 03-Aug-15 13:26:52

Thanks to you both for the advice. Am trying to find a local breastfeeding group near me as well so hoping for the best this time!

avocadotoast Mon 03-Aug-15 13:33:17

Yep, get real life support.

I also bought this when DD was just a couple of days old and it helped (go gentle with it though, if your nipples are sore it can hurt!):,default,pd.html

lisaloulou84 Mon 03-Aug-15 13:40:51

Nipple shields definately. Only time my DS ever latched on.

CakeInMyFace Mon 03-Aug-15 16:10:39

Thanks for that Avocado.

Lisa - any particular type of nipple shield work best? I've just read some decent reviews for the Medela ones...

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