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samroberts2 Thu 30-Jul-15 14:58:01

Hi, im breastfeeding my week old baby. I also want to express and was just wondering how much does everyone express when breastfeeding your little one. Thanks in advance

Racheyg Thu 30-Jul-15 20:48:29

I'm no expert but can share my experience.

They normally recommend to wait 6 weeks until breast feeding has been established before pumping. I didn't as was keen to build up a stash.

I used to have a manual pump but have since invested in a electric.

As I ebf I can only get about 5-7 oz a day from both breast combined. I pump 2/3 times a day 2 times in the morning at about 3am and 6am as ds2 is asleep and around 22.00.

Keep in mind that how ever much u pump is not a indication on how much your baby gets. If you need more info kellymom is a good website

Good luck x

kittyvet Thu 30-Jul-15 20:55:31

Used to get 3-40z in the early days- froze that down for future use but we never needed it. Now back at work and get about 1-2oz after morning feed before work. I get on best if I feed one side and express the other. My baby is 9 mths. Best not to introduce bottle until 6 wks + when baby used to breast.

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