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Recurrent blocked ducts

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LittlePink Mon 27-Jul-15 08:16:24

ds is 6.5 months now and I'm weaning down on the bfs so he's having bf in the morning, bottle mid morning, bf mid afternoon and bottle bedtime. I've been doing bedtime bottle for a few weeks and mid morning bottle the last week but since yesterday my right breast has blocked up again. It happens probably about once a month and I usually massage it out and feed it through but today it's so painful and hard. I've been in the shower and hand expressed as much as will possibly come out after Ds having a full feed this morning but it's still very hard and painful down the front of the breast. It's like a long hard strip from the top of the breast running straight down to the nipple and the vein running down it is very blue and swollen. It feels a bit better than it did since I completely emptied it but it's still very tender and doesn't feel right at all.

I'm loathe to go to my gp as he keeps me waiting an hour and with a toddler and a baby and feeling like this I think a long wait would tip me over the edge! Not to mention what it does to my toddler waiting that long in a tiny waiting room! And also I don't have any faith in my gp especially about bfing matters.

Do I need to see a Dr or is there anything else I can do to treat it myself?

I've been up and down about giving up but I think given the problems ive had with the breast (mastitis 3 times, several milk blisters, over supply, thrush) I think I need to call it a day but how can I stop bfing when I keep getting these blocked ducts and have to keep emptying it making it produce more?

BumWad Mon 27-Jul-15 09:37:52

Hi I'm new to bfing however when I had blocked ducts I lay on my front in a hot bath and massaged.

I'm sure others will be around for advice too...

Bugaboom Tue 28-Jul-15 10:03:53

Lots of advice on kellymom website. I had recurrent blocked ducts, oversupply, fast letdown and 5 bouts of mastitis in first 4 months. I found lecithin supplement helped. Again more info on kellymom on this. I got it in Holland and Barrett

Picklesauage Tue 28-Jul-15 12:08:40

I second reading kellymom. One thing that worked well for me was alternate heat and cooling along with combing / brushing the breast downwards with a wide tooth brush or comb. I also heated the breast whilst feeding (made for interesting postions, could have done with more hands!)

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