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What are the chances of my boobs exploding

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Kent1982 Sun 26-Jul-15 12:58:05

Ok my 20 week old os bf, I really need to go to work for a day next week 8.30 set off will be home for 4.30

I have plenty of milk I have been stashing in the freezer for just in case times so I'm not concerned about that. I am concerned that my boobs might start leaking etc during the day. It's unlikely we will get more than 15 minute break all day. I'm would be mortified having to tell the full male team that I'm going to express in the toilet. I'm considering pulling out.

I think going would do me good as I have never left baby before. What would you all do. Any advice welcome

caker Sun 26-Jul-15 13:44:50

Is it legal to have only that break? Anyway, I would tell them you need a room and time to express at whatever times you usually feed. There is a risk of infection (mastitis) otherwise. I expressed once a day for a year after returning to work, everyone was supportive to me. It's your right!

IssyStark Sun 26-Jul-15 15:53:13

Legally they have to give you time to express under H&S legislation as you could be at risk of mastitis. And yes, you probably will be leaking if you don't get a chance to express.

How many of the men in your team have kids? If they do they will probably be far more understanding than you'd think.

Liveinthepresent Sun 26-Jul-15 16:02:06

When I did keep in touch days at work I just manually expressed a little bit in the loos for comfort. It was fine. Though probably did leak a bit too - just took extra breast pads.
I agree they would be supportive but equally I didn't want to tell everyone so I understand.

Kent1982 Mon 27-Jul-15 09:19:17

Ok I'm feeling a bit better. I'm just don't want to bring it up with work colleagues at all.

The only reason I'm going is I think I need a bit of practice at leaving the little fella for when I do go back to work. This 1 day might do me good.

I'm going to just go and pump in the toilet and if I'm longer than expected then never mind, they do know I'm breast feeding as a couple of people asked when I had him so I'm sure that they will figure it out. I'm off to buy a massive hand bag now to put my pump in lol.

Who would think I could get so worried about this

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