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Experiences of tongue-tie revision in older babies?

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LennyLou Sun 26-Jul-15 12:24:16

To cut a long story short, DS is 6 months old and has recently been diagnosed with a posterior tongue-tie and an upper lip tie by a lactation consultant.

DH and I are now debating whether or not to get the tongue-tie revised but we're worried about the procedure due to DS age and his imminent teeth making a GA necessary.

Could anyone share their experiences please so we know what we might be letting DS in for?! flowers

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 26-Jul-15 18:18:22

We didn't get DSs cut because we didn't know about it at that age. Has anyone talked through what may happen if you don't get it divided?

HeiressesGiltnor Sun 26-Jul-15 18:25:00

My DS got his cut at 4/5 months. He is much better because of it and suddenly was a lot noisier and started poking his tongue out.

I mostly did it because I was having continued bf problems and DS had reflux. It solved none of these issues and I switched to formula soon after. He still feeds badly from a bottle now he's 10 months confused

I am glad we got it done as I didn't want speech etc to be affected and thought there was a chance it might be.

However I will want you it was quite traumatic for us both. Worse for me I think. I had to hold him down and he was very upset, understandably. He was absolutely fine and it went very well but as experiences go it was one of the worst! I went alone and in retrospect I shouldn't have done. It's a different procedure for a baby who is wriggly, alert and is starting good understanding of the world than for a sleepy newborn.

I think DS was close to the cutoff for having it done under some kind of anaesthetic. Obviously that has its own risk, but I would give it some thought if it's an option.

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