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Milton steriliser question !

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Meandyou150 Sun 26-Jul-15 02:33:15

Hi all , have been using milton steriliser with my avent bottles. However with 5 bottles in the Milton container I can't fit the bottle covers in as well or it wouldn't all fit.

So I've been making up a bottle- with ready made formula and not covering the teat while I heat it up. I make sure nothing touches the teat, and give it to baby immediately once it's heated- but am I exposing the teat to germs while the milk is being heated?!

JellyTipisthebest Sun 26-Jul-15 06:58:40

It fine what you are doing but very easy to knock it over and not easy to shake to check that there are no hot spots. I would put in all the bits for how ever many bottles fit in, then when they have been in for long enough get the bottles out and assemble them and stick them in the fridge until needed.

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