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screaming all the time since switching to formula

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22Dee Thu 23-Jul-15 23:14:33

my bab is 12 weeks
ive gradually transitioned to formula and he's been solely ff for about 5 days and he just keeps screaming. its really not like him. hes not finishing bottles. not sleeping well and growling yes seems whatever is bothering him he doesnt like it and it serms hes got a temper with it

hes had 2 nappies since ff and they were both a shade of army green. before ff i was doing half and half in same bottle hes not had skin to skin boob for ages

i did think he was upset all the time because of teething.. hes dribbling loads and open mouthed to everything noticably more than normal (looks like hes rooting to thin air)

at same time as transitiining to only ff i noticed he had thrush and we're on the second prescription of nystan coz first didnt touch it and also hes been given daktarin this time to use aswell.

im at a loss. this just aint like him i dont know what to do.. im thinking upset stomach but its been days now and he isnt loose just weird colour. wonderin if its the formula so ive bought a easy to digest tim that ill try tomoro. thrush meds dont give them green poos does it. thush wouldnt cause the screaming? does teething give them green poo?

Passmethecrisps Thu 23-Jul-15 23:18:13

My dd took very badly to ff and it turned out she had cmpi and reflux.

She refused to finish bottles, her sleep went to pot and she was generally sicky and miserable throughout her waking hours.

Try the easy digest but monitor carefully. If you are at all unsure speak to your hv.

northerngoldilocks Thu 23-Jul-15 23:19:00

Could be CMPI. Make a gp appt and discuss it with them. If it is there are other types of formula that could be offered.

BunnyRuddington Thu 23-Jul-15 23:22:35

It's so hard to tell, especially over t'internet. There are some things to try though. If you think it could be teething, try him with ibuprofen about half an hour before one of his feeds and see if that makes a difference. Just before each feed, rub a teething gel like Dentinox on his gums.

You could also give him a cool, clean, wet flannel to chew on I between feeds.

Let us know how you get on smile

Kim82 Thu 23-Jul-15 23:27:31

Sounds like cmpi and acid reflux to me. My 1 year old was the same and she is now on prescription formula and meds for the reflux. Take your baby to the gp but be warned they may fob you off, mine did many times until we insisted on a referral to a paediatrician. We ended up in A&E before the paed appt came through though after she had screamed in agony for more than 12 hours without sleeping at all, bless her.

Google cmpi and acid reflux (sometimes called silent reflux) symptoms and see if they fit your baby. If so, your gp is your first port of call. Good luck and I hope you get your baby sorted quickly.

22Dee Fri 24-Jul-15 00:00:01

thanks for the replies... i have a place to start now

zannary Mon 27-Jul-15 17:57:49

I had the same problem when I switched from bf to ff. I didn't know what was wrong and felt awful for giving up bf.
I spoke to the Dr's and hv so many times but they just ignored me until I found blood in dds nappy. turned out to be cmpi. since then we have a new prescription formula and after about a week of her getting use to it she has been much better.
oh and a little bit of a heads up. The gps don't want to diagnose that straight away as formula is so expensive it took me weeks and a trip to a&e to finally get diagnosed.

22Dee Wed 29-Jul-15 00:59:54

just to update on this..

tried the easy to digest formula and saw am improvement in his temperament but his green bm became very runny

spoke to doc he wasnt very vlued in on formula types and suggested soy formula for colic but i argued my point and asked for sma LF

hes on his first day of it and well after 2 bottles i saw an imediate change in him and i will say hes been different child today! im amazed

and feel bit sad too. what the lil mite must have been going thru all these months of mixing bm with formula. its like evetythin is explained now. wjen he had his first formula amd screamed i assumed my bm wasnt enough and id suplemented because he seemed so satisfied after it... only to squirm with wind an hour or so later. that created a knock on effect of him arching on the boob crying pulling off and relatching etc... causing me to switch to dr brown bottles and exclusively express to mix nm and formula. of course eventually leading to ff

but catch 22 situation wasnt it. its not till switching to 100% ff that the cause became clear and now of course its too late because my milk has gone

oh hindsight !!!

but im proud of myself for sticking to it as long as i did and i did all i could given the circumstances at the time

well.. dare i say ive eventually solved it. omg touch wood i cant believe it this has hung over me for months. people dont believe you! they think youre just winging and moaning

anyway thanks for all the suggestions it really helped. sorry for long post i needed to say it i think. kinda having an epiphany lol

zannary Wed 29-Jul-15 07:28:32

So pleased you got everything sorted.

I can completely sympathise as I went through the same feelings with my dd. its been 2 weeks now and she seems so much happier, that's the main thing.

now we're going through the 4 month sleep regression so something else to worry about confused

22Dee Wed 29-Jul-15 16:15:57

does anyone know the guidelines on reintroducing standard formula after lactose free?

doc wants to reintroduce standard formula in one week.... that doesnt seem right to me ?

zannary Wed 29-Jul-15 18:59:26

I refused, they wanted me to reintroduce to see if it made her poorly again...They can poke that, she's just getting better and she's not an experiment. so cruel. I swear they do it to save on prescription costs as all they kept saying to me was "this is very expensive formula and we don't like to just give it away!"

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