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Bringing up feeds

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Littlepig8834 Wed 22-Jul-15 20:23:06

I'm a new mum so apologise in advance if this is a dumb question.

My little one is 4 weeks old and has started to bring up some of her feed around 30-60 mins after the feed. Sometimes it's white, so I assume this is milk she's drunk but has no room for and other times it's clear drool with white blobs in it. The clear drool usually comes 30-45 mins after the feed.

She is bottle fed and we use the Tommee Tippee Advanced Comfort bottles as she is also very windy. Could this be reflux or is it just normal baby behaviour. She feeds well, currently taking 80-90ml at each feed, we are getting 6+ wet nappies a day and 1-2 pooey ones so I think her digestion is ok.

She also has a few spots on her face, not sure if this is linked or not. I've been told these are milk spots.

Hellion7433 Wed 22-Jul-15 20:25:09

It might be that she needs to have a little less during feeds

Littlepig8834 Wed 22-Jul-15 20:33:41

That's what I thought at first but when we give her less she wants more within 5 minutes. She isn't bothered when she brings anything up, it just comes out (usually on the clean clothes I have just put on)

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