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Need to stop!

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WorthMoreThanThat Tue 21-Jul-15 00:13:44

Ds 2 is 2 next month and still breastfeeding! I feel it's best for both of us to stop now....well best for me, I feel awful for him. He loves it so much, he's so excited by it and it breaks my heart to think how upset he's going to be! He goes to his dad's one night each weekend occasionally been 2 and can go without easily, always has been able to. The moment heis back to me he's straight for it. On a normal day he's trying to get down my top every time I sit down. He . TIAwould happily sit with it all day. Please can somebody give me suggestions on how to do this the least heartbreaking way...and somehow bring this breastfeeding to an end

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 21-Jul-15 17:58:53

Ending the bfing relationship was too long ago for me to remember properly. Could you call one of the Bfing Helplines and talk it through with a BFC? I'm sure she would be able to give you some good information and support smile

Booboostwo Tue 21-Jul-15 18:44:28

I suppose you can either go cold turkey and just say no from now on, or you could try and impose some rules and gradually decease the feeds.

At 2yo my DD was driving me mad and 'don't offer, don't refuse' was not working because she asked all the time. I didn't want to stop as such but I needed a more manageable situation. I dealt with day times first. I told her we now only bf in bed, so that reduced it to first thing in the morning, afternoon nap and going to sleep - she accepted this quite well but I made sure I offered her water and snacks very often during the day. Once this was regularised I used the Dr J Gordon technique to stop her bfing at night. We had 3 unsettled nights but then she relaxed into it and started to sleep through.

WorthMoreThanThat Tue 21-Jul-15 23:37:14

I don't see cold turkey ever working, I'd feel awful for him. Don't offer, don't refuse is the same as he asks all the time and throws a good tantrum if I say no. This is hard. I've tried just naps and bed which works if we're out and really busy but he does his hardest to make up for missing out all day that evening. Thanks guys. Every hv I've asked just say cruel to be kind and refuse hmm I don't know what to do. I could cope just a feed before bed but the days just seem a bit much now

Booboostwo Wed 22-Jul-15 06:10:35

Start imposing rules but one at a time. Regularise the days and accept the backlash for the nights, then a couple of weeks in deal with the nights. I can't say I didn't have tears overnight with the Dr Gordon method, but only the first two nights and we still co-slept and cuddled which softened the impact of no bf until the morning.

Hazchem Wed 22-Jul-15 06:20:30

I found counting helped. So I'd say you can feed for 20 or what ever and limiting the time seamed to limit him asking.

Lagoonablue Wed 22-Jul-15 06:31:22

I stopped at nights first, then days. He was at nursery so only fed on return and before bed anyway. I just stopped and explained no more bee bees (his name for it). He wasn't happy but I kept offering a cup of milk instead. He was really upset. The next day he asked once, said no and that was it. It had stopped.

It will be over quick. You'll both get over it. Honestly.

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