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I keep telling myself it gets is easier......

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Racheyg Thu 16-Jul-15 14:25:25

my ds2 was born 7 weeks ago and we have had weight loss issues which are now improving. We also had latch issues with the left which are now not a problem and I can switch feed comfortably.

My concern is that he feeds constantly, I don't remember ds1 like this. Also I can't put him down otherwise he screams.

I'm finding it hard as ds1 has only just turned two and has started to act out as he knows if he's naughty he will get my attention. I hate always saying no that's naughty or stop that. We go to slot of activities but they have now all finished for summer break. I might just go crazy.

Please remind me breast feeding is easier and I can form a routine for ds2.

Tia x

MarinaCoyle Thu 16-Jul-15 21:36:44

It gets easier!!

My DD was like this- feeding every hour for an hour. I'd hand her to her dad for a break after a feed, she'd start to fuss and I'd think "well she can't possibly want more boob".... she wanted more boob.

Then, one day a few weeks in I suddenly realised she'd gone almost 2 hours without boob hunting. It was a REVELATION! She still fed 2 hourly up until she weaned but got sooo much more efficient- it was literally on, wolf it down, off again in 10 mins. Plus she got into a nice nap routine and it was all much more humane for me! It will get better.

Though I must say I really have no idea how you're managing it with a two year old in tow. I'm ttc #2 currently and am trying not to think about how I'll get BF established in theoretical DC2 with a not-quite-2 year old DD zipping about the place.

My only conclusion is that you must be amazing. Hats off to you. Keep calm, carry on etc. thanks

Racheyg Fri 17-Jul-15 04:03:20

Thanks marina,
How bad is it that I forgot this constant feeding with ds1. Maybe it didn't feel so bad as I had all the time to feed him and there wasn't a toddler to contend with.

Good luck with ttc #2.

There are lots of two plus children out there so it must be doable, in my case I feel it's a good support network xx

madwomanbackintheattic Fri 17-Jul-15 04:28:36

You will get there smile. Ds1 was nothing like dd1. Chalk and cheese. She would drink expressed milk from a bottle so dh could feed her as well, no issues with switching from boob to bottle and back again, and slept through from 6 weeks. Ds1 (dc2) was a nightmare and fed constantly. It was a complete shock as I had assumed bf for the second time would be just as easy as the first. He eventually settled into a 2 hourly routine, but that was as good as it ever got until I stopped bf at 10 mos. he wouldn't take a bottle or a cup, ever , and believe me, everyone in the village had tried grin.

But it was still way easier than all the sterilizing, mixing, washing, buying, sterilizing (repeat ad infinitum)

Dc3 was born with no suck or gag reflex and was tube fed then bottle as she couldn't latch. All different.


BreeVDKamp Fri 17-Jul-15 04:35:05

My DS is 7 weeks too, and exactly the same!!!

We saw a lactation consultant this time last week who diagnosed tongue tie - I'd had him checked weeks ago but they'd missed it. It means he has a hard time getting the milk so gets tired/falls asleep on boob, so has smaller feeds, so feeds more frequently. And also can't latch very deeply. She gave me a plan to increase my supply too and this week has been a bit better, although I haven't looked at the clock all week so maybe it's just my perception that it's better! I used to time feeds using an app but have relaxed a bit this week.

Can't wait until he's in a nap routine, I was just thinking yesterday how draining it is not having just an hour a day when I know I can put him down and get stuff done. I start to get a bit pissed off with him by the end of the day blush We seem to have got into the habit that he can only sleep on me in the day (better at night!). He falls asleep feeding so whenever I transfer him he wakes up. Only slept about 1 hour total throughout yesterday :-/

But I have faith it will get better! I know no 6 month old/1 year old who breastfeeds constantly/every hour, so it will end at some point!!

Would be FAB if it had ended by now though as we are moving house today so would have been good to be hands free for part of the day!! DEFINITELY getting a ring sling for the next child so I can feed hands-free.

I know you've probably done so by now, but has your DS been checked for tongue tie?

Kittymum03 Fri 17-Jul-15 04:35:05

Hi OP,it sounds like your doing really well.I had a lot of problems with pain that took months to get better.
I was going to say the same as Marina really,that one day mine just stopped needing it constantly and it was like 'Oh my god,now I remember what it felt like to not have a baby permanently attached to my boob'
I started laying mine on his play mat for a few minutes if I wanted,needed to get something done.He didn't really like his bouncy chair until he was older.I would be talking,singing to him so he knew I was still around and hadn't deserted him and he soon realised it wasn't long then I was back with him.

foxy123 Mon 20-Jul-15 20:01:51

Hi maybe you could try a dummy the baby might just want to suckle? I've been doing the baby whisperer easy routine since 8 weeks and it's changed my life! Just borrowed the book from the library x

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