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Not getting enough milk

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CrumpetHead Wed 15-Jul-15 22:08:32

DS will be 11 months in a few days, at his 9 month review the HV told me to drop him from 3 bottles a day to 2 cos he only needs 17oz a day and she thought that's what was causing him to be constipated. (He's not anymore)
So I dropped him to 9oz at 6am when he wakes up and 9oz before bed at 7.30pm. He has loads of other fluids throughout the day.
He has 3 meals a day and snacks in between and was doing fine but for the last week he will only drink 2oz of his bedtime bottle then tonight he wouldn't drink any at all so he's gone to sleep with no milk. I'm worried he isn't getting enough milk and dunno what to do, I don't think he's too full for it because he has his last meal at 4.30pm. Any ideas? If I started to give him milk in the afternoon he prob wouldn't be hungry for his dinner. Is cows milk any less filling and do u think it's too early to try him with some? Don't know what to do for the best.

MarinaCoyle Wed 15-Jul-15 22:15:06

Let him drop it. He'll be 1 soon and won't need any formula. Just up his dairy intake during the day a little- bit of full fat yoghurt or cheese, cow's milk with his cereal, that sort of thing. Sounds like he's just weaning himself off it, which is totally finesmile

CrumpetHead Wed 15-Jul-15 22:18:05

So you don't think he'll be up in the night or extra early in the morning because he's hungry? I hope not! I've got used to him waking at 6am and hate the thought of getting up any earlier again lol!

MarinaCoyle Wed 15-Jul-15 22:30:27

I worried about the exact same thing when my DD dropped her before-bed feed and the answer was no thank God! She'd obviously been filling herself up enough during the day. She's not even that hungry in the mornings most of the time so no panic to get her breakfast!

CrumpetHead Thu 16-Jul-15 06:58:00

He slept for an extra 50 minutes, how strange!!

CrumpetHead Thu 16-Jul-15 07:28:32

Hmm, he had a dry nappy this morning though which never happens, that can't be good surely, and he couldn't wait for his bottle this morning

MarinaCoyle Thu 16-Jul-15 20:14:17

I'd still say that's okay. If he was getting dehydrated in the night he'd have woken for a drink. As long as he gets a nice amount of fluid in during the day then just roll with it and enjoy the extra snoozing!

CrumpetHead Thu 16-Jul-15 20:48:22

Thanks for reassuring me smile

MarinaCoyle Thu 16-Jul-15 21:13:32

No worries. Hope the extra 50 minutes becomes a trend! grin

McBaby Fri 17-Jul-15 07:22:09

I'm sure it will be fine. Neither rod my Dds drank much milk past 1. You could always move do net closer to bed time so he gets food and drink before he goes to sleep.

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