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Arching back & v fussy feeder

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blankfornames Tue 14-Jul-15 22:53:54

My ebf DS who will turn 5 months next week, has gone off his feeds for the past week. He has no real interest in his morning feed. His best feeds are before he goes to bed and the nighttime feed. During the day, he will nibble. In the past week, he arches his back a lot and cries if I try to persist with the feeds. Once he sits back up again, he is fine. He used to love his naps and settled himself well, now none of the 'baby whisperer' techniques are working anymore and refuses to nap despite being knackered. He is dribbling like mad also so don't know whether it's all connected with teething or something else. The little feed that he did have this morning came straight up afterwards. He has very wet and dirty nappies so I know that he is taking in some but as he's not himself at all I wanted to get advice. TIA.

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