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Weaning off of top ups

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lilac3033 Mon 13-Jul-15 14:54:50

I have had a really difficult time establishing breastfeeding but at nearly 10 weeks old I feel the end is in sight! I have gone from not latching at all to about 100-150ml of top ups per day. This is usually formula because I hate expressing and really only do it if I DD has missed a breast out.

I am pretty sure my supply is a bit lower than it should be but have been having tea, fenugreek and lactation cookies. I wear her a lot too and co-sleep at least a couple hours a night. I am not really keen on using Domperidone although this has been suggested. I believe that DD is best able to get things where they need to be.

I know I need DD on the breast as much as possible, as she is most able to stimulate production. However there are times where she is just so upset. She won't latch, she'll thrash around or she just cries at the breast. Those are the times I give her top ups. Should I persevere in trying to get her to latch at those times or just ride this last bit out with top ups until she weans herself off them? There are times where I think she might want a top up but don't offer it and she seems fine... Feeding again sooner if needed. I am just a bit nervous about doing this too much as I don't want her going hungry.

It is usually after being on both sides that she gets upset, but the flow has reduced and she has to work harder, which I think is why she gets frustrated. I know there is still some milk there to be had, she just gets so annoyed! I know compressions could help but every time I try and do them DD gets upset as I think it interferes with her suck/suction?

Any suggests or experience with this?

Her weight gain has been good so far and plenty of wet nappies.

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