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Baby won't open gums to accept bottle...

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charlotteshouse2008 Wed 08-Jul-15 20:31:37

Hi there-just wondering if any of you amazing mums might have some helpful advice.

My daughter was born 4 weeks early and won't breastfeed at the moment as she won't latch on. I am expressing loads and we are feeding her by a bottle at the moment. We are first time parents so we are learning as we go along!

We are struggling to get the bottle into her mouth as she opens her lips but won't open her gums; she starts sucking the bottle with just her lips but won't let the teat past her gums. It takes ages to get the bottle actually past her gums and fully into her mouth. We have to try and catch her out when she yawns or something!

Does anyone have any advice on how we can help her, we have tried all the things the midwife has suggested: gently pulling her chin down, gently squeezing her cheeks together, etc., but nothing seems to work.

I suspect this is also the reason she won't latch on to the breast so perhaps if we manage to sort this then she might take the breast?

Thank you in advance for your advice smile

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