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help with routine please

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22Dee Wed 08-Jul-15 01:16:42

my 2month old has 7bottles (mixed) of 6oz. sometimes 7oz

he feeds every 3 hours basically 3am 6am 9am 12pm etc till bed at 9ish

so he sleeps from 9ish till 3am ish thats his longest sleep time

now my question.. hes started to wake late for the 3am feed and then not wake up for the 6am feed but wakes around 8 instead. which is ok. good in fact but its in between feeds

but what am i to do about his schedule. do i play catch up all day and bring all his feeds early to make sure he has his 7 feeds or do i stretch them out and make bigger bottles so he has 6 larger feeds?

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