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unsettled baby

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Racheyg Tue 07-Jul-15 21:50:58

evening all,

My ds2 is 6 weeks thursday and is breast fed on demand but has 1 x 3oz bottle of formula (top up)at 11.30pm.

I the day time he is happy, content although feeds constantly. the past week in the evening (around 19.00-22.00)he becomes very unsettled while rooting, but when at the breast he pushes away or unlatches this isnt all the time as sometimes he eats and falls asleep. We then go up to bed at 22.30 where i feed him in bed until his bottle. He is comfortable when sucking on fingers.

am i forcing him the breast when he doesnt want it? could it be reflux? does he want a dummy?

I really didnt want him to have a dummy as ds1 has a dummy still at 23 months and its proving very difficult to wean him off.

Thanks in advance for all your help x

22Dee Wed 08-Jul-15 01:02:24

google "fussy time"

my son did this every evening. i wracked my brains to find out why. he would be very uncomfortable cry squirm latch on and off for hours seeming hungry and frustrated at same time. i thought it was colic at first and i do think its related to wind bur mostly i came to the conclusion aftee goigling it that its just fussy time. they have been heavily stimulated all day and theyve jyst had enough by then and cant calm themselves

routine helps. but ultimately i stopoed bf in the evening because my nipples just could not stand up to the harassment between 7-11! but thats just me

he does it sometimes on the bottle at that time now also! takes the teat then spits it out takes it cries like its blocked or someyhin squirms cryies

avocadotoast Wed 08-Jul-15 01:49:29

My DD is 6 weeks and is the same! She's EBF and in the evenings will suckle at the breast, push away, cry, but nothing else will settle her.

I just try and persevere, jiggle her about a bit, get her to burp, then back on.

We actually don't get settled for the night until gone midnight most nights (which I don't mind too much as - touch wood - she normally then sleeps for a good 3 hours).

If your DS didn't want the breast he wouldn't root for it and wouldn't take it when offered. Carry on as you are, I'd say. And we should both remember that it'll hopefully pass soon!

avocadotoast Wed 08-Jul-15 01:51:03

Oh, and I have offered a dummy occasionally (esp last week when it was so hot, we were both sticky and tired and I couldn't comfort feed her any more). Sometimes she'll take it, sometimes not. I don't want it to become a habit for her so I am only offering her it when I'm desperate but it's good to know I have it on hand.

Racheyg Wed 08-Jul-15 07:48:25

Thanks guys. I feel like a first time mum with all these questions. It goes to show that no two babies are the same.

I will continue doing what I'm doing at let him fuss if that's what he wants. X

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