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Feeding since 8.30am HELP

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Rubbishnipples Sun 05-Jul-15 18:52:37

My 9 day old dd is EBF on demand and today has been on the boob all day. Yesterday I woke up with soft boobs following my milk coming in. She is doing plenty dirty and wet nappies (6of each today).

I am really worried that there is a problem with my supply and that she will continue this feeding all night.

Any advice anyone?

flyingchick1 Sun 05-Jul-15 19:01:16

Day 10 is a classic time for a little growth spurt and feeding continuously is normal during this. Your body will adjust to the increased demand and produce more milk. My HV said she always warns new mums of this as people commonly feel that they haven't got enough milk during this growth spurt stage.

Just keep letting her feed as often as she wants and keep up your fluid intake. Good luck, it will ease off over the next few days

WottaMess Sun 05-Jul-15 19:03:02

I doubt there's a problem with supply if she is doing nappies at that rate grin. How do you feel her latch is? Any pain after all that?

She will be stimulating your supply and will probably settle down a bit over a few days. Cluster feeding is normal with growth spurts though.

However, if you need a break you can always try unlatching her when she isn't actively feeding. She will be finding it comforting, which is fine, but you may need to pee/stretch/have a cup of tea and someone else can cuddle her for twenty minutes here and there while you do. It's brutal being mum in the early days, but also marvellous. Well done, you're doing great.

Babypythagorus Sun 05-Jul-15 19:05:09

Oh poor you, early days feeding is hideous.

Can you feed lying down? Cracking that really saved my sanity. I lay on one side, lay baby on their side looking at me, put my underneath arm stretched out between the pillow and baby, and shoved the bottom boob in her mouth.

If you can manage that you can at least get some sleep until this changes. And it will change - there's nothing as hard as breastfeeding in the early days. Well done for keeping at it!

Other thoughts: it may not be hunger, it may just be a need to suck. If you're ok with dummies, maybe try one? Or your little finger, if you don't have one to hand?

If she's doing lots of wet nappies she's getting enough food, so don't worry about that.

Rubbishnipples Sun 05-Jul-15 19:34:47

Thanks all. Yep I have just rectified some very damaged nipples and all seems well now. Have some pain when she latches but this subsides. I struggled to feed DD1 also (largely due to nipple issues) but managed in the end. Never experienced this level of cluster feeding with DD1.
DD2 has tended to cluster feed for a couple of hours the past few nights but nothing like today's marathon.
I am just anxious about tonight's lack of sleep I guesd

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