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relactating - is there any hope?

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justmeokay Sat 04-Jul-15 20:11:19

I stopped breastfeeding after a very shaky start (no help in hospital to establish, real troubles with nipples and ending up having to use shields for latch), I only managed 4 weeks.

My baby is now 20 weeks and I have an overwhelming urge to breastfeed, it is breaking my heart. I don't know why it is happening. I have read all the advice online about expressing and fenugreek, skin to skin etc, but I just don't know if there is any real chance of it every working again. I don't want to put myself through it if it is never going to pay off. My little girl is happy and thriving on formula, so I would be doing it for my benefit in many ways, and I don't even really understand why I feel like I want to so much. It feels primal.

Does anyone have any experience? Is there any chance of me making this work?

butternut22 Sun 05-Jul-15 10:15:03

Hi. I was in a similar situation with ds1. I didn't try to relactate in the end because I was talked ouhelpful and when I did.attempt once to latch him on he laughed. I think there is a section on Kellymom about it. It is mainly skin on skin and pumping I believe.

It is worth a try I think especially because it is so important to you. I would say from my experience to try not to let the fact you couldn't bf overshadow your enjoyment of your baby's first year. I had tunnel vision about it and the guilt I felt was overwhelming. I am now bf nearly 6 month old ds2 and although it was been a positive experience I have just as strong a bond with ds1 and I wish i didn't spend so much time regrettiing and hating myself for stopping. The fact that you want to start again and it is breaking your heart shows you have a brilliant bond with your baby without bf.

Sorry for not being helpful. Hopefully someone will be along who knows more about the practicalities.

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