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Teat size

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annatha Fri 03-Jul-15 21:20:00

Dd is formula fed and is 8 months old. We use a mixture of size 1 and 2 teats and until lately this has been fine, but now she's so nosy when feeding out of the house that a bottle can take half an hour. We went looking for size 3s but saw that she should be on size 4 for her age according to the packet so got these instead. They're horrible. Milk everywhere, gone in seconds and usually leading to bad wind and sick because she's necked it. I got some 3s but they still seem much too fast for her. We've been trying them for a fortnight now (still using 2s for first and last feeds of the day so she gets sleepy on her bedtime bottle) but she still doesn't seem ready for them. Do you have to move them on teat wise? I'm happy sticking with 2s but dh insists that we should move her on so she gets used to fast flow drinking ready for cups etc. (She currently refuses all manner of sippy cups).

princessvikki Sat 04-Jul-15 08:55:27

I scaled a pin with boiling water and made the small teats slightly bigger for my dd so there in between sizes

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