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So much pain feeding 1 year old, please help

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EggsAreNotFromCows Fri 03-Jul-15 08:52:37

DS is 1 and for the last few months I have had white spots / patches on 1 side and severe pain lasting up to 2 hours after feeding. I have also had hard patches / feeling like plugged ducts recurrently on this side.

We have both been treated for thrush and I have had bfc out to watch me feeding. DS has what looks like a bit of a shallow latch, but no different than he's had since the start. And no different from my other DC's. Anyway given his age, he latches himself on and I can't make him do anything else.

The pain is so bad it leaves me breathless, and I am spending the first hour at work feeling horrendous. I am wondering whether it is a vasospam. My nipple does look a bit white / squashed after a feed, and is permanently swollen and sore. Can anybody advise what to do? I desperately don't want to stop feeding him until he's ready, in part because he has a severe dairy allergy and therefore I worry about him getting enough calcium otherwise. But I cannot continue with this keve of pain twice a day.

DonkeyOaty Fri 03-Jul-15 08:59:09

Stupid q but has he a tongue tie?

EggsAreNotFromCows Fri 03-Jul-15 09:07:21

He did have, but it was clipped at about 6 weeks. He appears to be able to stick his tongue out quite a way smile
He's got a pronounced upper lip tie though. But we've had many months of feeding with no problems, so would it have any effect at this stage? And it's only on 1 side which is odd....

EggsAreNotFromCows Fri 03-Jul-15 09:08:16

I mean the problem is one side, not the lip tie (which would certainly be odd!)

EggsAreNotFromCows Sat 04-Jul-15 22:06:55


UpUpAndAway123 Sat 04-Jul-15 23:03:15

Is it worth going gp again just to make sure nothing else going on? I would get a full check of any lumps as easy to assume they are blocked milk ducts.
Sounds like his poor latch is resulting in the blood supply being temporarily cut off to your nipple (it bloody hurts!). I don't have any suggestions but I would maybe ring national bf helpline or go to a bf group to see if they have any suggestions. Could you just feed off the good side and express off the other?
Sorry I couldn't be much more help. I do feel your pain though! My lg has never latched properly on the left-it is constantly purple! Even worse now I'm pg again!! x

littlebearsmummy Sun 05-Jul-15 09:12:44

We were told our daughters tongue tie was having problems latching on BECAUSE the pain a only on one side. Plus we were told they can grow in and out of latching problems with tongue and lip ties as they get older, if that makes sense. Having had endless feeding problems with dd3 (who's now taken to biting me!) I feel your pain and hope you manage to work out what it is soon.

EggsAreNotFromCows Sun 05-Jul-15 12:00:28

Thanks. I've decided to drop the morning feed and just feed in the evening to try and get some recovery time. I am trying to feed him propped on pillows as well which I think might be helping a bit - need to see if it's better tonight. Yes I think you are right - have spoken again to GP who said if not cleared up soon he will refer me for a check to be on safe side, but most likely a feeding issue. I think it could well be the latch and blood supply thing - I couldn't have imagined it could be so painful! I think you might be right re growing in and out of problems too - this has definitely started alongside teething issues

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