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Breastfeeding is sexy - it's true!

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fairy Wed 24-Apr-02 22:58:00

Please check out this news item on the BBC,

Now has anyone had any experience of this, I'm very curious!

Marina Thu 25-Apr-02 10:52:26

No experience! But wonder if it has anything to do with the popular myth that if you want to get pregnant, you should hold a newborn (and presumably be not far away from its mum). Iman (wife of David Bowie) is convinced that she got pregnant after giving a friend's newborn some cuddles.

Demented Thu 25-Apr-02 11:02:09

Fairy, just read this. Very interesting, I shall be looking warily at childless friends when feeding the next baby (or perhaps tell them to keep away if they want to remain childless). The mystery surrounding the female orgasm deepens, my memories of breastfeeding are certainly not like this, maybe better luck next time!

I remember being quite smelly after I had DS but assumed it was more about attracting him and the high temperature they seem to think it is necessary to keep the wards at at the hospital. Maybe I could sell some sweat to an IVF clinic next time!


sml Thu 25-Apr-02 12:54:54

Marina, it's not a myth - it's well known in Kabyle that if you want to get pregnant, then being around babies a lot helps. I always assumed it was to do with mind over body, ie holding babies stimulates you to want one, (anyone see Teachers last night?!) and the body responds, but if this study is right, maybe it's all in the sweat!

bea Fri 03-May-02 08:39:40

sml - oooh!!! i love Teachers...(sorry to go off topic!) i missed the first couple in the series but am now watching avidly... i can't believe simon has left? will he come back!!???

sml Fri 03-May-02 13:51:01

I've now watched Teachers a grand total of two times and I can't make up my mind whether I like it or not. I bet Simon won't go; he is much the most interesting character. I find that I don't like the characters who are supposed to be sympathetic!
Am interested to know, what do real life teachers think about this program?

bea Fri 03-May-02 14:13:34

i am a teacher! although primary school but i can imagine that it's nothing like secondary school... i think the school is more of a backdrop for things to happen around... it's more about a group of dysfuntional people rather than teachers!

sml Fri 03-May-02 14:36:42

Yes, that's the attraction isn't it - reminds me of software engineers too!

sister Fri 03-May-02 14:47:28

sml, I don't know anything about this programme but I'm a software engineer and would be interested to know what you meant by that comment?

sml Fri 03-May-02 15:15:12

I'm a software engineer as well. no wish to disparage the profession, but colleagues past and present have unconsciously provided much material worthy of a late night Channel 4 sitcom...

ChanelNo5 Fri 03-May-02 17:52:28

bea - I love Teachers too. I think Simon will be back again next week! Loved the episode a couple of weeks ago when Kurt and the PE teacher (can't remember his name now) wanted to father Susan's baby.

bea Fri 03-May-02 23:06:58

the funniest one so far i think was the one with penny and when she was playing up to silly old fart Bob - he of the tandoori sun tan!!! i couldn't stop guffawing through the whole ep... i do hope that simon comes back as i didn't much like him in the first series but the second series is much more light hearted and surreal and thus i like it much more!!! also i love the way jenny has changed and has now become part of the accepted 'gang'

Come back Simon!

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