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How likely is discomfort/leaking (day at work)?

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squizita Wed 01-Jul-15 09:26:01

My dd is predominantly bf. She's 9 months but a "slow weaner" so while her feeds have spaced out its only from 2 hourly to 3 1/3 hourly. My breasts have mostly "settled" though the right one does sometimes feel full.

I'm back at work a few days next week, as I work in a school. I would only be able to pump at lunch time ... and then only if there was no incident or duty.

I asked a few months ago and people said "oh she won't be drinking much milk then..." but in her case it's not so!

She is ok (left with partly bm and partly sma ready made which she drinks, plus solid foods) ... but what about my boobs? Any tips or warnings??
Wary about over pumping too as I don't want to unsettle my boobs and increase supply! shock
This heatwave isn't helping either as of course she's thirstier than usual, which is to be expected! But the week before work. sigh.

FoxtrotOscarBackToEconomy Thu 02-Jul-15 16:52:16

Make sure you put pads in your bra.
And don't leave vital bits of your pump at home...

thetroubleis Thu 02-Jul-15 16:55:44

I think health and safety law has something to say about breastfeeding mothers getting opportunity to pump, storage for milk etc. have a Google. I wrote my last workplace a policy for it but it was a long time ago so probably inaccurate now.

Sgtmajormummy Thu 02-Jul-15 17:08:49

Breast pads have a plastic backing and can hold quite a lot, like incontinence ones I suppose. So you'd probably start to feel unconfortable/hard breasted before they leak into your clothes. But yes, a change of breatpads before lunchtime may be necessary. smile

squizita Thu 02-Jul-15 18:01:11

Thetrouble health and safety of children and professional ethics mean I would not be happy playing to the "letter of the law" on that one. It would mean walking out of a class for challenging low literacy children, or I might be dealing with complex management level behaviour incidents such as serious bullying or a CP concern. I can't exactly stand up in the interview room and tell the weeping child and their angry, worried parent I'm off to pump. Any time I'm not with the kids someone at my level (so 100% not a supply or someone on the cover rota) has to step in. Even if that were possible the cost and inconvenience would be phenomenal.
That's my concern. They will let me pump ... but will I leak first? confused It's the same for nurses and police officers. Much as I like to toe the "pro breast" line the ethics of waltzing off to pump are more complex. It could be at 11am or it could be at 4pm.

I posted some months back and everyone assured me by 9 months all babies hardly milk feed by day and it would be fine. But it isn't. She feeds 3-4 hourly and I still get full. sad

thetroubleis Thu 02-Jul-15 23:09:23

squizita if that's your choice then that is fine, but it's there so that we are protected (in case someone starts getting arsey with you). personally I put double pads in- then you can whip one out really quick without faffing when you need. Also the washable ones were very good, but I would take spare clothes because the most unexpected things set it off, even at 9 months- especially when you're missing them! Good luck x

squizita Fri 03-Jul-15 08:31:24

I'm not saying the rules shouldn't be there. All I'm saying is in certain jobs they can't practically be applied as they're "on your feet" jobs. Mine is a case in point. And that often the line "your employer should provide (or does) a pumping room" is viewed as a solution when it isn't for every woman.

I help run a bf cafe and have to deal with people thinking the rules make it easy for everyone. A theatre nurse who does 6 hour long operations tried to explain in her case it simply doesn't work. sad If the duty part of your job means you have to be somewhere for a period of time, they can give you time and a room but not always the right time!

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